28th European Students' Conference 

27th - 30th September 2017

28th ESC

We are excited to announce the topic of our next conference, which will be: “Genetic Engineering – when chance meets choice”. Since genetic engineering has been the talk of the town, by setting it as the topic of our conference, we aim to explore its diverse applications as well as the challenges that it may bring. We hope to engage you in exciting discussions with experts from all around the world!

The ESC team is working hard on creating the perfect program for you as well as designing new formats which we will be announcing soon! Stay tuned for more updates!

27th European Students' Conference Video

Winners of 27th ESC

Congratulations to everyone who attended the 27th ESC. If you are interested in knowing about the winners this year then please click here.


Who Should Participate?

The ESC is meant for all (bio) medical students interested in research. Our target group consists of undergraduate and graduate students, or people who have recently graduated but still wish to present their research conducted while being a student. You can become an active participant and present your research in any discipline. Those who do not wish to present can always visit the ESC as a passive participant!