At the European Students’ Conference, we host well over 20 Workshops. Each workshop focuses on a particular skill that is a must-have for an aspiring doctor. Right from a workshop focusing on sutures, to a role-play simulation of a doctor at a site of a collapsed building. Other workshops focus on themes such as the development of pharmaceutical drugs or Gender Medicine. Participants are allowed to participate in up to four workshops allowing them to choose a variety of different workshops. Several workshops also serve as certification courses in their particular fields. 




Workshops at a glance

Basics of Suturing

Emergency Medicine: First response and Triage

Treatment of End-Stage Heart Failure

Isolation Ward: Ebola

eGender Medicine: learn to distinguish


Perfusion Technologists: Heart-Lung Machine

Plasma Medicine: Star Trek technology to heal wounds

One Health in Development Cooperation

Endoscopy: A quick blick within

Aesthetic Medicine: not just Botox


The Science of Running

Tracheal Intubation

Advanced Life Support

Case Study: How to develop novel therapies for haemophilia?

Giving Birth: A Miracle


Nephrological Emergency: when water reaches your neck

Differential Diagnosis of Tumors

Diagnosing Breast Cancer

Science of Running

Find the fracture – Picture Quiz




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