28th ESC Registration

  •  Any application is binding!
  •  You have to choose whether you want to participate as either active or passive participant.
  •  When you see the screen that says your registration is completed we received all your data.
  •  Anyone who applies for active participation more than once will be disqualified!
  •  Deadline for active participation is June  2017.
  •  There is no deadline for passive participation.
  •  Any applicant for active participation has the right to become a passive participant if his abstract is rejected during our review.

Active Participation
Your main task at the ESC is the presentation of your scientific work with a poster in front of the audience. By presenting your scientific work in sessions with other active participants, you can qualify yourself as the winner of your session.
Out of all the session winners, a scientific jury will choose the best ones who will be awarded during our closing ceremony at the end of the conference. Furthermore you can of course participate in any other session or workshop and in any special or social event.
Any active applicant who is not selected by our scientific jury is welcome to become a passive participant.


Passive Participation
Passive participants will have the opportunity to meet professors and to take part in our program, but will not be allowed to hold a presentation during one of the sessions. Moreover, they can visit any session, workshop or lecture they want to. They can also take part in our social program and in the special events.


Registration Cancellation
If you are unable to attend the conference due to some reasons you have to notify us at least 7 days before the conference. Otherwise your participation is binding and we cannot transfer your money back.


Your application for the optional social program is always binding and the fee cannot be reimbursed.

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