Shatadru Seth

Namaste! My name is Shatadru Seth and I am a final year undergraduate at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, India. I take a keen interest in epidemiology and tropical medicine and it is my dream to work for the WHO someday. Beyond the books, I’m an ambivert who dreams of travelling the world with his guitar. On a regular day, you can find me hooked to a computer, pouring hours over digital designing, which is as much a passion of mine as it is a hobby. I have a huge appetite for anything that hits a musical note, makes a rhyme or tickles the funny bone. I wasn’t fortunate enough to make it for the last ESC, but I’m aware of it’s overflowing praise. The 28th European Students’ Conference is too amazing an opportunity for me not to attend and I suggest you do the same. Let’s meet over brilliant presentations and enlightening keynote speeches in the beautiful city of Berlin, and make strong connections with each other and with modern medical science.Till then, Viel Glück!

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