Muhtadi Jabbar Abdulzahra Al-mter UKRAINE

Hello everybody, my name is Muhtadi Al-Mter and I am currently a student of 4th year medical school in V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In my leisure time I like playing chess, listening to music, reading novels and short stories like the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Moreover, one of my interests include programming and 3D model designing. As for now, my speciality aptitude is cardiac surgery. I attended so many surgical operations in my country in which many of them were open heart surgeries and I want to pursue my residency in this field. I participated in medical conferences in Ukraine and Poland and this year I aim to visit the 28th ESC. I think 28th ESC is worth visiting because it is a great opportunity for medical students from different universities all around the world to get acquainted and have the possibility to share their ideas and their scientific work. Also, have the possibility to encounter German population and their culture. Most important fact about 28th ESC is that this edition of the conference will discuss important topics of genetic engineering and it will have much broader categories of scientific work. ESC is a wonderful experience and I highly recommend visiting it. My contact info:

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