Mohamed Amine Serradj ALGERIA

Dear medical students & young doctors worldwide, my name is Amine Serradj and I’m the European Students’ Conference Ambassador in Algeria  for the second time. I’m currently doing my second year PhD in cardiovascular surgery at medical university of Oran in Algeria. I have attending many international meetings & conferences but my last ESC  was one of the best conferences that I have ever attended. It was a great opportunity for medical students & young doctors to show their research & scientific experiences. The ESC is really worth visiting due to its unique and interesting workshops. Students will also have the opportunity to meet new people and colleagues from all over the world, exchange experiences and opinions. They’ll also meet famous professors from great universities of the world so that they enlight their minds with more useful knowledge and information, without forgetting the amazing social program. Thus, I would definitely recommend 28th European  Students’ Conference as it’s a unique experience for every student who wants to take a step forward to develop his knowledge and of course enjoy the beauty of one of the historic and oldest city in Europe Berlin. So you’re more than welcome to join me in September.

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