Mashkur Abdulhamid Isa UKRAINE

Hello friends and colleagues! I’m Mashkur Isa, currently studying at Bukovinian State Medical University in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. I am an advocate for self-development and self-improvement. The difference between great achievers and regular people is that extra mile, that extra effort, that extra hour that is put in. Everyone relishes success and awards but not everyone is ready to step out of their comfort zone to make it a reality. Your participation at the 28th ESC is a step in the right direction. Get inspired by lectures from renowned professors, stimulate yourself through interaction with your peers and colleagues, sharpen and improve your skills with the outstanding workshops but don’t forget to have fun exploring the vibrant city of Berlin and all it entails. These are but a few of what awaits you at the 28th ESC. However, your experience will no doubt blow your mind and overshadow all I’ve mentioned!

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