Karina Rejs POLAND

My name is Karina Rejs and I am studying biomedical engineering at Technical University in Linz now. I come from Poland, where I have the same field of study. I am a member of two scientific projects concern bone cements and proteins. I like exploring and measuring the properties of new biomaterials. Exo prosthetics is also field of my biomedical interests. In spare time I just take my sleeping bag and hit the road ! I like social aspect of travelling- meeting new people, learning foreign cultures and tolerance. I love working in a team. I was media volunteer during NATO Summit 2016. Are you an young, ambitious and creative scientist ? Are you dreaming about an international career and exchange of knowledge? I highly recommend you to take part in 28th ESC, because it could be unforgettable occasion to enhance your scientific portfolio and meet people, who could be the source of unbelievable motivation!

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