Edgar Kaade GERMANY

Hello! My name is Edgar Kaade and I’m currently working on my PhD in Molecular Biomedicine at Bonn University Hospital (Germany). I’m interested in metabolic disorders especially Lysosomal Storage Diseases which I’m working on now in my PhD. I like playing football and basketball, watching documentary movies and when I’m not working on my project in the lab you will find me in the German Red Cross where I’m a volunteer as a first-aid attendant. I haven’t been to the ESC yet. But only by checking the website and getting some information from friends attended the conference before, I was highly motivated to take part this year. I strongly believe that a place like ESC where young (bio)medical scientists can meet and share ideas from all over the world will really help in improving the medical field in the future. Most important fact about the 28th ESC is the topic “Genetic Engineering” which can help a lot in preventing many diseases. So let’s all connect through science! edgard.kaade@hotmail.com

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