Dr. Andrea Crisanti

Combating Malaria with CRISPR/Cas9

Andrea Crisanti is professor of molecular parasitology at Imperial College and Professor of Clinical Microbiology at the University of Perugia, Italy. He graduated in Medicine at the University of Rome “la Sapienza’, and carried his doctoral work at the Basel Institute for Immunology. After the doctorate he was awarded a three years EMBO fellowship at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. Thereafter he was employed as medical consultant at the University of Rome “la Sapienza’ Institute of Parasitology. Prof. Crisanti has pioneered the molecular biology of the human malaria vector Anopheles gambiae and has made a number of important scientific contributions that advanced the genetic and molecular knowledge of the malaria parasite and its mosquito vector. More recently Prof. Crisanti has applied concepts of synthetic biology for the development of genetic vector control measures aimed at either eliminating wild type mosquito populations or at interfering with their ability to transmit malaria. This resulted in the development and validation of a CRISPR based genetic drive system capable of spreading, into wild type mosquitoes, mutations impairing female fertility genes.
You can also read a recent article about Dr. Crisanti’s work:

Malaria kills a half-million Africans a year. Gene-edited mosquitoes might stop it

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