Azher Syed INDIA

Hi there! My name is Azher Syed, intern from Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, India. I’m a neuroscience aspirant and like teaching. My keen interest is to explore the gray research areas of neurodegenerative diseases, cognitive sciences and movement disorders. I like making new friends. Outside my theatre, I’m is a trim writer, a pro-cyclist, a witty soccer player with a zeal to fly aero-engines. Why ESC? ESC has always been a power pack of great speakers who can overwhelmingly inspire and motivate you enough in not only finding answers from what is known to unknown(be it the point mutation) but also a great tool for learning and competing among the highly motivated arena of enthusiastic medical students showcasing their talent and hardwork. So are you ready to be the winner at the 28th ESC? Buckle up! Like years before I’m very confident you will find this year of ESC much more interesting with the state of the art workshops and variety of scientific exhibitions. Don’t miss the fun! Best wishes !!

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