Ayilkin Çelik BULGARIA

Hello! My name is Ayilkin Çelik. I study in Medical University of Pleven, Bulgaria. I love spending time in nature. I have been involved in 5 researches about preclinical sciences and have attended numerous scientific conferences so far, all around the world. European Students’ Conference was one of the best experiences of mine! I attended the 27th ESC which was awesome! I would definitely recommend visiting the 28th ESC because it would be a great opportunity for medical students to meet with people all around the world in a scientific context, present their research to highly esteemed juries as well as enjoying the social programme in the beautiful city Berlin! Also, ESC is worth visiting because you have an opportunity to enhance your knowledge comprehensively in a specific field which will be genetic engineering this year. I sincerely believe that you would have a wonderful time in the 28th ESC!


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