Ahsan Rehman PAKISTAN

Hello everyone, My name is Ahsan Rehman and I’m currently studying at Rawalpindi Medical College, Pakistan. I love to travel, watch movies and read novels in my free time. My speciality of interest so far is general and bariatric surgery and I’ve assisted some operations myself under the supervision of a consultant. I participated in the ESC conference last year and was mostly fascinated by the fact that so many brilliant brains from around the world come together and showcase their research. It’s a great opportunity for people to learn about research as it is something still not widely understood by people, especially from where I come from.I also believe that ESC is worth visiting because of the knowledge packed lectures given by world renowned scholars from the finest universities of the world. ‘THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST AT WHAT THEY DO, LITERALLY’I would definitely recommend visiting the 28th ESC because: one, you get to learn so much, both from the participants and the speakers. Two, you can choose from a long-list of workshops and improve your skills. Three, it widens your exposure and makes you realise how much it takes to be the best at what you do and how much effort is required to compete with the world. Lastly, you get to meet so many medical students from around the world, it not only helps you make contacts that you might need throughout your life but also you make great friends around the world. It is a great opportunity for medical students to learn, widen their exposure and see the beautiful city that Berlin is. You get plenty of time to not only attend the conference but witness the historical city of Berlin. The social programmes are very well organised and very enjoyable. ESC is a wonderful experience and the memories and knowledge you get here will definitely go a long way.

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