Ahmed Alharery EGYPT

Hello everyone, my name is Ahmed Alharery and I’m currently studying Veterinary Medicine at Mansoura University. I like football, music, travelling, drawing, but my main hobby is RESEARCH ! Specially cancer research since I have signed up my patent for a treatment of breast cancer depends on virotherapy. For me ESC was on my dreams list .. yes it’s an opportunity that any researcher is looking for. Being with a group of the most successful professors and researchers from all over the world is so inspiring thing specially if you are looking for international contacts and face to face consultation with a collection of great scientists with different specialities. My father told me when I was a kid “if you want to be great you must be special and you have to work for it” and I’m telling you if you want to be great never miss this opportunity or any other one, no one knows which one will be the starting point for greatness.
For any information please don’t hesitate to contact me: ahmedalharerymail@yahoo.com

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