Agata Krach POLAND

My name is Agata Krach. After I realized my Hogwarts acceptance letter wouldn’t come I decided to become a doctor. Now, I’m a 4th-year student at Wrocław Medical University. Last year I participated in ESC and I would recommend it to anyone. Why? Well, you know that feeling when you go to a totally new place, you’re a bit scared because you know nobody there but after a few minutes, realize you were meant to be there? I felt that. I find it amazing that students meet up; they come from different countries, speak different languages, are raised in various cultures but what they share is that profound, unbreakable love for science and unchanging desire to gain knowledge, explore beyond limits. You can present your work, exchange valuable ideas with other science freaks and fall in love with stunning, vibrant Berlin. See you in September!

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