Travel Grants


At the 28th European Students’ Conference we understand that attending our conference can be an expensive endeavor for some applicants. In an effort to facilitate intellectual and scientific development, we have decided to provide travel grants for a certain number of "Active participants".
We offer to cover 50% of your travel expenses up to 200 €.


In order to apply for a Travel Grant please send an email with the following details to :

  • Participant-ID: You receive that number after your registration is complete.
  • Letter of motivation: Tell us why you need the Travel Grant and why you should get it. Also elaborate on your motivation to attend the 28th ESC.
  • Expected amount of your travel expenses: Please provide us with the amount of your expected travel expenses. Attach three booking offers to your application. In order to support as many participants as possible we will use the cheapest for the calculation of your personal grant. Therefore please be fair.

The deadline to submit your travel grants application is July,  2017.


Please send all the required details mentioned above, incomplete application will not be entertained.


You will be informed about our decision after your abstract has been reviewed and approved for the scientific contest. If you do not receive any news until 15th of August, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We wish you good luck and are looking forward to meeting you in September!


All the best,
28th-ESC Organizing Team

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