Since Berlin is quite a popular place and many hostels/ hotels will be fully booked in the fall, we recommend to book your accommodation as soon as possible. Below you’ll find information about our partner hostel which offers low-priced but comfy beds in the city centre as well as a list of other hostels near the venue and our Homestay Programme.


Partner Hostel:

We will arrange a contingent of 4 rooms with each 10 beds at our partner hotel. In order to book one of those 50 beds in the Circus Hostel go to this website and follow the steps below:

  • Choose “The Circus Hostel” in the list on the left.
  • Choose your personal arrival and departure day (works best when using the calendar button).
  • Click on “Check Availability” and select the “8/10 bed room, shared bathroom“ for 23€ a night.
  • After proceeding, fill in your details and use the “Remarks” section to mention “ESC“ or „European Students‘ Conference“ to get a bed from the contingent.


Hotels/Hostels near our venue

Click HERE to view a list of Hotels and Hostels near the conference venue. Please be aware to organize your stay in advance since some hotels will be fully booked in fall.

Homestay programme

Take the chance to stay with a local student and benefit from their knowledge of Berlin. The Homestay Programme enhances the intercultural exchange and gives you an insight of studying and living in Berlin.


All of our hosts speak English and host you for a small price (will be announce soon) a night, therefore we cannot guarantee you a placement. We will try to find a suitable host and will inform you about your placement as soon as possible.


If you are interested in participating in the Homestay Programme, fill out the guest application form provided in your participation area after you log in to your account. (The application form will be available after you have paid the registration fees).


If you are a resident in Berlin and want to host a participant and share amazing common experiences at the ESC, you can register here.


Terms and Conditions for Homestay Programme. 


NOTE: The Deadline Homestay Guest Application will be updated soon.

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