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Berlin Walking Tour

Berlin’s unique history defined the 20th century like no other city. A booming turn-of-the-century metropolis left destitute by the First World War, Berlin led the way in avant-garde art, music and literature throughout the Golden Twenties before Hitler’s rise to power in 1933 made the city the infamous capital of the Third Reich. Divided for occupation by the Allies after World War II, Berlin became the last frontier and flashpoint of the Cold War, symbolized by the jagged scar of the Berlin Wall cutting through the center of the city. From a symbol of division to one of unification – the iconic images of Berliners celebrating as the wall fell in 1989 are famous around the world and represent the dawning of a new era for united Germany. Discover all this and a lot more with a walking tour through the heart of Berlin.

The Spree Cruise


The Spree Cruise – Experience the most exciting kilometers that the Spree has to offer, on its way through the heart of Berlin. A variety of consecutively strung sights create a unique scenery for an unforgettable experience. Within the last few years the tradition-steeped city on the Spree has developed at a breathtaking pace. This transformation has distinctively altered the face of Berlin. The cruise on the Spree will take you past countless places of historical significance, but also bring the attention on the lively metropolis into focus, where the future has already begun and is reflected in high-quality architecture of international appeal.

Dance Course: Waltz and Cha-Cha


The historic ballroom of Clärchens would be available to the ESC Participants to use the opportunity to learn classical ballroom dances like Waltz and Cha-Cha. No prior knowledge is required apart from being ready to shed your inhibitions. Waltz (from the German word Walzer) traces its roots in the 16th Century in Austria, Bavaria and Bohemia. Later on spread around the world and is one of the most popular ballroom pair dances. Cha-Cha, although closely related, originates form Cuba; but still matches Walz in its popularity in European Ballrooms.

Street Art Tour


Take a fascinating walk with us through Berlin´s Street Art & Graffiti scenes on this entertaining and highly photogenic tour. You´ll see the latest and most famous work in the city and learn who is behind the art and what their motivations are. Learn about the history and background stories of these underground subculture in Berlin and worldwide from our experienced and connected guides all of whom are active and very experienced artists in the city of Berlin and abroad.



Nothings say Germany more than Oktoberfest. Luckily, this year ESC would be happening concurrently with the Oktoberfest. As many of us already know, Oktoberfest is celebrated not only in Munich but in several other cities. Why not explore the Berlin Oktoberfest along with your friends and enjoy a Mass (liter) of German Beer*. Worry not, non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are also available. Prost! *Note: Participants are expected to buy their own drinks.

Natural History Museum – Berlin


Naturkundemuseum or the Natural History Museum is not the only the most visited museum in Berlin but also has specimens in its collection which are not found anywhere else in continental Europe. Currently, there are several attractions, such as the only Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton in Europe and an unique exhibition about south America. It further boasts one of the largest wet specimen laboratories in the world. For those of us, Instagram bugs, pictures from Naturkundemuseum have been shared by National Geographic, more than any other single location.

Berlin Illuminated


Berlin leuchtet, “Berlin illuminated” in English, stages historic houses, shopping malls, train stations, bridges and even some public parks with light installations and laser, video and 3D projections. A range of musical and artistic performances, fireworks and guided tours for visitors round off and enhance the unusual visual experience.

Campus Tour – Discover the history of Charité


Campus Tour – Discover the history of Charité Today’s Charité looks back on a turbulent history, which is characterized by outstanding personalities, dark eras and phases of renewal and modernization. Political, ideological, medical, and human factors direct the ability of this medical institution in the heart of Berlin. Take the opportunity to get a guided tour and learn what stories these old buildings conceal.

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