Finance & Logistics

As the head of “Finance and Logistics“ you would be responsible for two very important areas and will be responsible for two ESC-teams.


Together with your team of volunteers you will have to get the whole Logistics of the ESC up - form booking the venue to organizing necessities for workshops. You will have to make sure that the program takes place as planned. You will have the opportunity to shape a whole Conference just the way you imagined it! Furthermore you will be in charge of the organization of all Parties and evening program!


The Finance team would have set up a budget and make sure that all planned expense are within this set budget! You as head of finance will have the freedom of deciding, how much money should be spent for each conference part, you would be the connection between the other part of the team and the reference people at the Charite and will manage the ESC-bank accounts and the online payment system.
Main responsibilities:

  • Budget plan developing and coordinating adherent expenses
  • Reserving the conference facilities and keeping in touch with the venue staff
  • Organizing the catering
  • Booking flights and accomodation for the keynote speakers
  • Managing the conference logistics and practical issues
  • Planning Welcome and Farewell Party
  • Calculating all expenses and keeping receipts
  • Calculating the conference fees
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing the bank account together with the Charité Financial Departement
  • Keeping track of the ESC PayPal account
  • Compile a Finance Plan for the year


  • Organizational and calculating skills
  • Knowledge in GoogleDocs and Excel
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