The European Students’ Conference aims to gather medical scholars from all over the world. Therefore we are doing our very best to reach out to as much universities as possible. However, this task is quite complicated sometimes, since we are just a team of six students and very much involved into the organization of the conference itself.
This is where you can get involved: Become an official ESC ambassador and help us to promote the conference in your country and at your local university!

As an ESC Ambassador you will receive a box with promotion items, you will be listed on our website, so other students from your country can contact you and in the end, you will receive a special certificate. Sending out letters to student representatives, organizing an ESC barbecue party at your campus or holding lectures to your fellow students – there are no limits to your creativity. Let us know about your plans in order to support you as much as we can from afar.

Please find the ambassadors of 28th ESC from around the world below:

Abdiqani Ainan


Many Greetings to you, my name is Abdiqani Hussein Ainan and I am currently studying Public Health at Edna University, Northern regions of Somalia now called (Somaliland) and Leadership and Team Development via distance learning at London institute of Management. I have created to some extent in my studies a medical page in the face book named Ainan Health Initiative. I like to participate academic activities, listening on Quran, reading books and in my spare time enjoying to tour at historical places. Outside the community involvement I worked volunteer activities with civil society organizations. The partaking in ESC promoting task is frenetic, worthy and highly-spirited to me and visiting the ESC is kindly a great opportunity for medical students to meet and fecund their perspectives with scientists around the world, so I would like to recommend this innovative meeting and experience.

Abhishek Gannu

India :

Hello everyone, my name is Abhishek Gannu and I am currently studying medicine at Manipal University, India. I am currently working on novel methods for point of care diagnosis to make early diagnosis of preventable disease more effective and reliable. The topic for the 28th ESC is genetic engineering. Genetic engineering has a very wide scope for improving the quality of human life hence it’s a thriving research topic. So, attending this edition of ESC would be really very helpful to further our knowledge as well as an excellent opportunity to know about the latest developments in this field. It is a great platform for medical students to interact with their peers all around the world and get connected with students of common interests. I definitely recommend attending the ESC as it would be an unforgettable learning experience.

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My name is Agata Krach. After I realized my Hogwarts acceptance letter wouldn't come I decided to become a doctor. Now, I'm a 4th-year student at Wrocław Medical University. Last year I participated in ESC and I would recommend it to anyone. Why? Well, you know that feeling when you go to a totally new place, you're a bit scared because you know nobody there but after a few minutes, realize you were meant to be there? I felt that. I find it amazing that students meet up; they come from different countries, speak different languages, are raised in various cultures but what they share is that profound, unbreakable love for science and unchanging desire to gain knowledge, explore beyond limits. You can present your work, exchange valuable ideas with other science freaks and fall in love with stunning, vibrant Berlin. See you in September!

Ahmed Alharery

Egypt :

Hello everyone, my name is Ahmed Alharery and I'm currently studying Veterinary Medicine at Mansoura University. I like football, music, travelling, drawing, but my main hobby is RESEARCH ! Specially cancer research since I have signed up my patent for a treatment of breast cancer depends on virotherapy. For me ESC was on my dreams list .. yes it's an opportunity that any researcher is looking for. Being with a group of the most successful professors and researchers from all over the world is so inspiring thing specially if you are looking for international contacts and face to face consultation with a collection of great scientists with different specialities. My father told me when I was a kid "if you want to be great you must be special and you have to work for it" and I'm telling you if you want to be great never miss this opportunity or any other one, no one knows which one will be the starting point for greatness.

For any information please don't hesitate to contact me:

Ahsan Rehman


Hello everyone, My name is Ahsan Rehman and I'm currently studying at Rawalpindi Medical College, Pakistan. I love to travel, watch movies and read novels in my free time. My speciality of interest so far is general and bariatric surgery and I've assisted some operations myself under the supervision of a consultant. I participated in the ESC conference last year and was mostly fascinated by the fact that so many brilliant brains from around the world come together and showcase their research. It’s a great opportunity for people to learn about research as it is something still not widely understood by people, especially from where I come from.
I also believe that ESC is worth visiting because of the knowledge packed lectures given by world renowned scholars from the finest universities of the world. 'THESE PEOPLE ARE THE BEST AT WHAT THEY DO, LITERALLY'

I would definitely recommend visiting the 28th ESC because: one, you get to learn so much, both from the participants and the speakers. Two, you can choose from a long-list of workshops and improve your skills. Three, it widens your exposure and makes you realise how much it takes to be the best at what you do and how much effort is required to compete with the world. Lastly, you get to meet so many medical students from around the world, it not only helps you make contacts that you might need throughout your life but also you make great friends around the world. It is a great opportunity for medical students to learn, widen their exposure and see the beautiful city that Berlin is. You get plenty of time to not only attend the conference but witness the historical city of Berlin. The social programmes are very well organised and very enjoyable. ESC is a wonderful experience and the memories and knowledge you get here will definitely go a long way.

Akinboboye Ige

Ukraine :

HI! My name is Akinboboye Ige and I am currently a 5th year medical student at the Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University, Ukraine. I am a Nigerian. I love teaching, listening to music and reading a lot, especially motivational books. My favorite specialty is neurology, I'm currently conducting a research work on one of the neurological pathology, which will be completed soon and I plan to work as neurosurgeon in the future. ESC is worth visiting because I believe it will create the platform for generation like me to learn from great doctors and professors and as well provide the opportunity to mingle with new people from different countries, culture and background. I will recommend this conference for anyone because it's worth visiting.

Assma Ayman Mohamed


I am Assma Ayman Mohamed from Egypt. I am studying in Alkasr Aliny, medical school, Cairo university. My hobby is reading in different fields. I have interest in genetic engineering which may be my specialized field. It is first time to share in ESC conference. I believe that it is a good chance to take apart in this conference especially this year with topic of “Genetic Engineering – when chance meets choice". I hope to have a wonderful experience by the end of this conference.

Ayilkin Çelik


Hello! My name is Ayilkin Çelik. I study in Medical University of Pleven, Bulgaria. I love spending time in nature. I have been involved in 5 researches about preclinical sciences and have attended numerous scientific conferences so far, all around the world. European Students' Conference was one of the best experiences of mine! I attended the 27th ESC which was awesome! I would definitely recommend visiting the 28th ESC because it would be a great opportunity for medical students to meet with people all around the world in a scientific context, present their research to highly esteemed juries as well as enjoying the social programme in the beautiful city Berlin! Also, ESC is worth visiting because you have an opportunity to enhance your knowledge comprehensively in a specific field which will be genetic engineering this year. I sincerely believe that you would have a wonderful time in the 28th ESC!

Azher Syed


Hi there! My name is Azher Syed, intern from Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, India. I’m a neuroscience aspirant and like teaching. My keen interest is to explore the gray research areas of neurodegenerative diseases, cognitive sciences and movement disorders. I like making new friends. Outside my theatre, I’m is a trim writer, a pro-cyclist, a witty soccer player with a zeal to fly aero-engines. Why ESC? ESC has always been a power pack of great speakers who can overwhelmingly inspire and motivate you enough in not only finding answers from what is known to unknown(be it the point mutation) but also a great tool for learning and competing among the highly motivated arena of enthusiastic medical students showcasing their talent and hardwork. So are you ready to be the winner at the 28th ESC? Buckle up! Like years before I’m very confident you will find this year of ESC much more interesting with the state of the art workshops and variety of scientific exhibitions. Don’t miss the fun! Best wishes !!

Beshoy Attallah


My name is Beshoy Attallah. I am a medical student in the Faculty of Medicine, Sohag University, Egypt. I like reading books and novels. I like listening to music. I feel passionate about my medical studies and the new researches and what we can reach in the future. One of the great fields that has reached great progress around the world is the field of genetic engineering. So, it would be a great opportunity for me and for every medical student in the world to participate in the 28th European Students Conference and get to know the recent updates about genetic engineering. See u soon at the 28th ESC :)

Bishwas Subedi

Nepal :

Hi! I am Bishwas Subedi, fresh graduate of Bachelor in Public Health from School of Health and Allied Science, Pokhara University, Nepal. I am young, energetic and enthusiastic student who can utilize flexibility and adaptability while being resourceful, innovative and promising in approach towards the understanding of public health around the globe. Since, European Students' Conference (ESC) is one of the largest student-run biomedical scientific conferences worldwide so it is the greatest international platform for the (bio) medical undergraduate and graduate students, or people who have recently graduated to present their knowledge, ideas and innovations. Apart from that the students will also get an opportunity to work with students from diverse fields and community around the globe. The theme of this 28th ESC is that “Genetic Engineering – when chance meets choice”. As genetic engineering brought up new technological advancement in different fields so it important to understand how to incorporate genetic engineering within our field of concern.

Björn Bierlich

Germany :

Hi! My name is Björn Bierlich and I am currently studying at University of Dresden, Germany. I like listening to ethno music from all around the world and reading political books and in my free time I'm brewing my own fruity Belgian beer. My favourite specialty so far is digital dentistry. I have already participated in several international workshops, congresses and exhibitions and now I plan to do an internship in this field. I would definitely recommend visiting the 28th ESC, because it’s an unique opportunity to get an wide angle view on the medical field and interdisciplinary approach. It is a great opportunity for medical students to meet students and professionals from different medical related professions - you will be able to shape your own worldwide network of future professionals and especially your international network of FRIENDS. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this great event ! See you in Berlin!

Candy Dodoo

Ghana :

I am very happy to be part of this team. I am always fascinated when it comes to the world of Science and Research.


Turkey :

Merhaba! My name is Ebubekir Ucar and I'm studying medicine at Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Turkey. I've always liked science that hides behind medicine. My favourite fields are oncology, hematology and laboratory sciences. Beside medicine my other favourite things are jazz music, exploring new countries and history of civilisations. Civilisation developed step by step, and it still going. Backbone of this development is "asking right questions" and this is what we are doing now. I haven't been in Berlin before, but I have many friends who participated ESC, I understand ESC is right place to ask right questions and open new windows on your mind. I think we will find our answers from professionals also. I believe it will be an unforgettable experience. So, you are more than welcome to join me in September in Berlin on 28th ESC.

Edgar Kaade


Hello! My name is Edgar Kaade and I'm currently working on my PhD in Molecular Biomedicine at Bonn University Hospital (Germany). I'm interested in metabolic disorders especially Lysosomal Storage Diseases which I’m working on now in my PhD. I like playing football and basketball, watching documentary movies and when I’m not working on my project in the lab you will find me in the German Red Cross where I’m a volunteer as a first-aid attendant. I haven’t been to the ESC yet. But only by checking the website and getting some information from friends attended the conference before, I was highly motivated to take part this year. I strongly believe that a place like ESC where young (bio)medical scientists can meet and share ideas from all over the world will really help in improving the medical field in the future. Most important fact about the 28th ESC is the topic “Genetic Engineering” which can help a lot in preventing many diseases. So let’s all connect through science!

Elvera Freeman

Ukraine :

Здравствуйте(Hello)! I’m Elvera Freeman, a Ghanaian Student at Kharkov National Medical University. I enjoy travelling, hanging out with kids and writing up during my leisure hours. With a passion for welfare of humanity, I aspire to become an advocate for this cause. ESC is unique, with the welfare of participants at the core of all it does. ESC provides a general ticket of which includes a 4-day pass for transportation, a coupon for lunch as well access to its workshop,and keynote lectures throughout the conference duration at a very reasonable price. Participants have the option of a home-stay experience with natives or the alternative of hostels or hotels at affordable prices. This provides a first hand appreciation and learning of the German Culture. The inspiring lectures from renowned professors as well as its amazing workshops are guaranteed to educate and entertain. There is also an opportunity to experience Berlin through its social programs as you network with others from across the globe. Register for a life changing experience and you will be glad you did. I AM A WITNESS!!!

Enquiries to

Ezzat Mahmoud

Egypt :

Hi everyone, I am Ezzat Mahmoud, and I am currently studying medicine at faculty of medicine, Suez Canal University (FOMSCU), Ismalia, Egypt. I am going to attend this year ESC and actually attending such a great conference will increase your horizons about science and research, as a student I am eager to present my project this year at the ESC and share the different cultures and many other ideas from all over the world.
I recommend visiting this conference to all medical students to be on their way of new guidelines and the most updating ideas.

Fahad Bin Jaman

Bangladesh :

Hello! This is Fahad Bin Jaman and I am an MBBS final professional examinee from Sir Salimullah Medical College Under University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I like travelling, exploring the magic of new cultures, photography, listening music, gaming, reading various books etc. I am very much interested in medical genetics. I want to be a surgeon in future and clinical research fascinates me a lot. If you are a medical research freak, want to join the unique and interesting workshops, meet new people, medical students, colleagues, clinicians, researchers from all over the world, exchange experiences and opinions ESC 2017 is really the worth visiting for you. It is a great opportunity for medical students to meet famous professors from great universities of the world so that they can enlight their minds with more useful knowledge and information and push the boundaries in medical knowledge. I would definitely recommend visiting the 28th ESC, because who really wants to show their research work, improve research skills, be a part of incredible workshops and newly innovated medical sciences, broaden their knowledge, ESC 2017 will be a life time experience. Let the knowledge flourish.

Faizan Akram

Pakistan :

Hello! My name is Faizan Akram. I am currently studying Pharm-D (Doctor of Pharmacy) in Final Professional from Faculty of Pharmacy and Alternative Medicine, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
I have always been thinking about my future, building a career, becoming a successful person and generally finding my own path in the life. In the 28th ESC 2017, I think you will have the chance to meet such great keynotes and extra-ordinary young researcher from all over the world with different cultures, building new connection. You will be involved in hands-on workshops and have the chance to participate in the World Health Assembly, which is a great experience. I'd recommend it to all biomedical students and I'm sure it will change your way of thinking and broaden your horizons. My ambition is to make healthcare affordable to everyone and to lift the quality of healthcare services in the developing world.
We're counting down the days till we meet you in the 28th ESC 2017"
See You in Berlin!!!!!
Good Luck!!!!

Gabriel Ariyo

Ukraine :

Hello, my name is Gabriel Ariyo. I am currently studying general medicine at Odessa National Medical University, Odessa, Ukraine. I am a big fan of football, playing chess and reading. My favorite speciality so far is cardiology, and I plan to do my internship in internal medicine and become a cardiologist. I participated in the 27th ESC last year and it was indeed one of the biggest medical student event in Europe. It gives us a memorable opportunity to meet colleagues from different countries, share knowledge, researches from eminent experts. I would definitely recommend you visiting the 28th Conference because educationally you will be informed and it's a great opportunity to meet world class scientists and lecturers and also participate in the social program. Indeed ESC is worth visiting.

Hatem El-Sheemy

Egypt :

Hi All! My name is Hatem El-Sheemy, I'm another Egyptian who studies medicine at Misr University for Science and Technology and loves ESC! I like watching movies, listening to music and I crave classics more, I'm currently reading "Medicine's Michelangelo”, a Frank Netter's biography (and it’s way more interesting than it sounds I swear) and I’m also working on several research projects. Participating at the 27th ESC was my 2016 main highlight. I really enjoyed the experience in many levels. To have the opportunity to present your research in an international conference, to make new friends from all over the world. Enjoy your time at the beautiful Berlin, to get to know about student’s research updates from various fields and moreover to get a travel grant! At the 27th ESC, I've attended the WHO's World Health Assembly Simulation and I'm now a delegate in IFMSA's delegation to the 70th WHA at Geneva!. Moreover, I'm currently working on a campaign about Anti-Microbial Resistance and also organizing with my colleagues our university's first students conference. That’s how the 27th ESC pushed me forward to reach some of my goals!
And why I really recommend that we meet at the 28th ESC.

Iaroslav Sautkin

Russia :

Hello there! My name is Iaroslav Sautkin and I am currently 5th year student at Omsk State Medical University, Russian Federation. Nowadays, I am deeply engaged in scientific work. The main fields of my interests are surgery and oncology. Personally I am active and enthusiastic. Also I am welcome to scientific cooperation and share of knowledge. My outside interests are swimming and cycling.
In 2015, I participated at 26th European Students’ Conference at one of the famous conference around the world. Professional organizing board and scientific committee impressed me by high quality of provided work and individual approach to each participant. On my opinion it is worth to visit 28th ESC as a modern international scientific platform, which is well suited for sharing of your scientific results and discussion of current trends in science. Do not forget, that it is also attractive opportunity to visit one of the memorable and famous historical parts of Germany! Bis später!
Jelena Jadzic

Servia :

My name is Jelena Jadzic and I’m graduate at Faculty of Medicine, University in Belgrade, Serbia. I’m passionate about public health and healthy lifestyle promotion. Also, I’m a big fan of fitness and gyms, so if I’m not in library, you can find me there. I participated in 26th ESC and I was mostly fascinated by the perfect organization. As travel addict, I instantly fall in love with Berlin. I would recommend visiting the 28th ESC, because scientific part was outstanding and beyond all boundaries interesting and informative. As I aim a career in field of basic medical research, I’m convinced that participation in ESC, is having important impact on development of my scientific career. Furthermore, ESC is a wonderful experience for medical students to broaden their experience and knowledge, but it is also nice occasion to connect with medical leaders and to make new friends.

Jeremiah Maina


Hello! My name is Jeremiah Maina Yaga, I am a student of Lviv National Medical University Ukraine. I enjoy watching movies and taking long walks through parks and city streets. During my study I have developed interest in research medicine and i have carried out few researches with my colleagues. I believe that ESC is worth visiting because the 28th conference is focusing on a topic that defines the future of medicine and biomedical advancement. It is a great opportunity for medical students to meet experts from the field of genetic engineering and like minded colleagues, to share views, ideas and solutions to challenges. Most important fact about the 28th ESC is that applications and challenges of genetic engineering will be discussed in depth. ESC is most interesting because of the exciting character conversation and diversities.

Jona Shkurti

Albania :

Hello! My name is Jona Shkurti and I am currently studying in the 6th year at University of Medicine in Tirana, Albania. The discipline I am absolutely fascinated by is Surgery. I have been volunteering as a surgeon's assistant since 3rd year of medical school. I am also interested and working relentlessly in medical research. Apart from medicine, I am passionate about music, sports and languages. I enjoy live concerts and all kinds of sports particularly basketball, swimming and cycling. I would strongly recommend visiting the 28th ESC because it will give you a wider perspective on research and how medical students can be involved. It is a remarkable opportunity to make your research known in an international scientific community. ESC will leave a lasting impact in the life of a future medical professional as it provides infinite possibilities for networking and broadening your professional and social circles.

Karim Farag

Egypt :

“As I have previously noted, our ability to identify the genetic and environmental factors that contribute to talents such as creativity are too complex for us to currently predict. In the absence of such wisdom our only recourse is to provide all children with the opportunities to pursue their passions and dreams” Mario R. Capecchi.
The 28th ESC puts the latest modern talks of genetic engineering on to create a sensible wisdom of understanding the leverage of genetics through outstanding speakers and workshops for you it comes the must to be updated on this world. Beside an arsenal of more than 400 students’ researches to take a part of a shining competition in Berlin, you can also be enrolled to enjoy an unbelievable experience of presenting your work. Are you enthusiastic to take this journey with us? We are here to make it possible for you.

Karim Farag

Liton Chandra Bhomick

Ukraine :

Hello My Dear Friends! My name is Liton Chandra Bhomick. I am a student of Uzhgorod National University - Faculty of Medicine,Ukraine. I believe only theoretical knowledge is not enough to resolve our thirst for knowledge, so to quenched this thirst we need practical knowledge as well. None other then conferences will give us such opportunity. Conferences also helps us to be updated with the modern era of science. I visited lots of conferences and it’s always worth. Thank You. Have a good time.

Mahmoud Warda

Egypt :

My name is Mahmoud Warda, a fresh graduate from Mansoura Medical School, Egypt. This time is going to be my 4th year to attend the ESC. In my opinion, the ESC is the typical form of Students' Congress, you will have the chance to meet such great keynotes and open minded young researcher from all over the world with different cultures. You will be involved in a lot of hands-on workshops which is a great experience. Furthermore, they really care about the updates and technology and its applications in science. ESC experience is really different, I'd recommend it to all biomedical students specifically undergrads and I'm sure it will change your way of thinking and broaden your horizons. Finally, don't forget to make a lot of international friends. : )

If you want any help, please feel free to contact me:

See you there ; )

Mashkur Isa

Ukraine :

Hello friends and colleagues! I’m Mashkur Isa, currently studying at Bukovinian State Medical University in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. I am an advocate for self-development and self-improvement. The difference between great achievers and regular people is that extra mile, that extra effort, that extra hour that is put in. Everyone relishes success and awards but not everyone is ready to step out of their comfort zone to make it a reality. Your participation at the 28th ESC is a step in the right direction. Get inspired by lectures from renowned professors, stimulate yourself through interaction with your peers and colleagues, sharpen and improve your skills with the outstanding workshops but don’t forget to have fun exploring the vibrant city of Berlin and all it entails. These are but a few of what awaits you at the 28th ESC. However, your experience will no doubt blow your mind and overshadow all I’ve mentioned!

Monika Kowalik

Monika :

Hello! My name is Monika Kowalik and I am currently a student in the fifth year of studies at the Jagiellonian University in the Faculty of Medicine, Krakow, Poland. As a medical student, I have taken advantage of various opportunities that have been offered to me and I have participated in various extra-curricular activities. My experiences include working as a member of Organizing Committees during International Medical Conferences, the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations, and as an Ambassador of six International Medical Congresses. Furthermore, I am also a student member of the Association of Doctors of Hope which conducts a clinic for poor and homeless people. I have also explored and developed further clinical knowledge by participating in various scientific organizations. In my free time I like traveling and spending time with my family. I’m certain that taking part in 28th ESC has provided you with a great amount of clinical knowledge to be a good doctor. The field of medicine is broad and vast in knowledge!

Muhammad Asim Masoom Zubair

Pakistan :

Hello! My name is Muhammad Asim Masoom Zubair and I am currently studying Pharm-D at Faculty of Pharmacy & Alternative medicine, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
I am a Pharmacist, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Author, Speaker & I am determined to take any challenge promising ample chances to grow, learn and lead in the field of pharmacy and the medical profession that is inclined with my education through determined teamwork, adding value and promising a better future. My favourite speciality is Clinical Pharmacy, especially I am interested in Public Health. European Students’ Conference is a great platform for scientific researchers because their vision is to equip modern students with the best knowledge, skills, and values in order for them to take on health leadership roles both locally and globally. In my opinion, the 28th ESC is worth visiting because, it’s a great opportunity to meet world-class scientists interested in scientific research, keynote lecturers and having a professional experience.

Muhtadi Al-Mter


Hello everybody, my name is Muhtadi Al-Mter and I am currently a student of 4th year medical school in V.N Karazin Kharkiv National University in Kharkiv, Ukraine. In my leisure time I like playing chess, listening to music, reading novels and short stories like the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Moreover, one of my interests include programming and 3D model designing. As for now, my speciality aptitude is cardiac surgery. I attended so many surgical operations in my country in which many of them were open heart surgeries and I want to pursue my residency in this field. I participated in medical conferences in Ukraine and Poland and this year I aim to visit the 28th ESC. I think 28th ESC is worth visiting because it is a great opportunity for medical students from different universities all around the world to get acquainted and have the possibility to share their ideas and their scientific work. Also, have the possibility to encounter German population and their culture. Most important fact about 28th ESC is that this edition of the conference will discuss important topics of genetic engineering and it will have much broader categories of scientific work. ESC is a wonderful experience and I highly recommend visiting it.

My contact info:

Poorvaprabha Patil

India :

My name is Poorvaprabha Patil and I hail from India. I am a person who wanted to inspire people and I've always wanted myself to be the best that I can be for others be it in the NGOs that I'm a part of or my recent undertaking as a first year medical undergraduate in Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. I have a huge passion for the field of medicine. I'm a polyglot with a very deep curiosity for the various cultures and places in the world. I love to travel, explore and learn till I absorb everything that surrounds me. ESC is an excellent interdisciplinary platform encouraging research exchange between students, clinicians, and professors from different fields of studies and various cultures. It's an exceptional opportunity for my colleagues to voice their ideas.

Rakesh Kumar Shah

Nepal :

Hello, I am Rakesh Kumar Shah, an ESC ambassador in Nepal. Currently I am studying medicine at Kathmandu Medical College Teaching Hospital, Nepal. Since the beginning of my medical career I have developed special interest in research activities. I have participated in number of conferences here in my country and learned lots of new things. Though I have not participated directly in ESC before, I strongly believe that it is the great platform for all the medical and biomedical students who thoroughly enjoy the research. I expect a wide range of opportunities- learning research skills, interaction and networking with medical students around the globe and learning German cultures. I strongly recommend students to visit ESC Berlin 2017. Besides studying, I love music- a good inclination towards Melodious Hindi and a little of western. I do selectively read books mostly those which portrait the real society, watch some movies of type ‘The Beautiful Mind’!

Rasool Hassanzadeh

Iran :

I’m Rasool Hassanzadeh, currently studying final year of medicine at Guilan University of Medical Sciences. I’m really interested in almost all field of medicine research from basic sciences to clinical research. In my opinion every conference is a good place for improving research skills, networking and making new friends …Without mentioning the opportunities to get to know famous professors at the keynote lectures, participating in great workshops and other interesting programs! So don't miss the upcoming version of ESC.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! Hope to see you at ESC 2017

Shatadru Seth

India :

Namaste! My name is Shatadru Seth and I am a final year undergraduate at Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore, India. I take a keen interest in epidemiology and tropical medicine and it is my dream to work for the WHO someday. Beyond the books, I'm an ambivert who dreams of travelling the world with his guitar. On a regular day, you can find me hooked to a computer, pouring hours over digital designing, which is as much a passion of mine as it is a hobby. I have a huge appetite for anything that hits a musical note, makes a rhyme or tickles the funny bone. I wasn't fortunate enough to make it for the last ESC, but I'm aware of it's overflowing praise. The 28th European Students' Conference is too amazing an opportunity for me not to attend and I suggest you do the same. Let's meet over brilliant presentations and enlightening keynote speeches in the beautiful city of Berlin, and make strong connections with each other and with modern medical science.
Till then, Viel Glück!

Shaza Mohsen El-shafey

Egypt :

Hi! My name is Shaza Mohsen El-shafey and I am currently studying at faculty of Nursing University of Mansoura, Egypt. My favorite specialty so far is surgery and oncology. I like volunteering work, poetry, and swimming. It is my first time to join ESC, I am so excited about it.
I believe that ESC is worth visiting and I recommend it to you because you will find a real motivation when you see young scientist from all over the world and share scientific knowledge and experience with them, make friends participate in different scientific atmosphere and special workshops. I think it will be a fantastic experience.

Silvia Strat

Romania :

Dear Colleagues, my name is Silvia Strat, I am currently a 5th year medical student at “Grigore T Popa” University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Iasi, Romania and an ESC Ambassador. I am very delighted to work with medical students from foreign countries and to enrich my cultural and scientific horizon. Although it is my first time at ESC, I am very excited by the high scientific quality and the impact of last year’s topics and I find the speakers very inspiring. I believe ESC gives us the valuable opportunity to combine science with friendship, to meet people way beyond the European borders, to explore cultures different from our own or the ones we are familiar with and the chance should not be missed! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me and I will provide you any further information. I am looking forward to meeting you in Berlin!

Sonja Janković

Serbia :

Hi! My name is Sonja Janković and I am currently studying at Faculty of Medicine, University of Niš, Serbia. My favorite specialty so far is radiology. I have already done some research works in the field of neuroradiology and I find it very interesting. European Students' Conference (ESC) is one of the biggest events for medical students in Europe. I participated in the 24th and 27th ESC and I believe that ESC is worth visiting because it is a great opportunity for medical students and young doctors to present their research works and share their knowledge. One of the most important facts about the ESC is that you have the opportunity to hear latest research news and actual topics from distinguished professors and experts. In addition, it is a great opportunity for medical students to meet people all over the world and enjoy Berlin, one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Tarig Babiker

Sudan :

Hallo Leute! My name is Tarig Babiker and I'm studying medicine at the National Ribat University in Khartoum, Sudan. My favorite specialty is Neurology and I'm planning on doing a research in this field! ESC is a perfect opportunity for anyone who seeks knowledge and experience outside the old dusty books of medicine, it gives you a chance to expand your scope and enrich your mind. it is a great opportunity to present your scientific research, cognition studies of people from around the world and practice skills during the workshops. I'd recommend it to all healthcare students and I'm sure it will change your way of thinking. See you in Berlin!

For any questions, please contact me on this email:

Wadschma Naderi


Hi! My name is Wadschma and I am a Biotechnology student at the Technische Universität in Berlin currently doing my Bachelors in synthetic biology. I am a big supporter of the ESC as I think it is a great opportunity for students to present their research, network, learn a lot all while having lots of fun. I would definitely recommend everyone interested in visiting. That's why I'm gonna do my best to spread the word at my Uni. See you there!

Yousuf Alrawi

Iraq :

My name is Yousuf Alrawi, I'm a medical student at University of Baghdad. My favourite specialities are Neuromedicine and Public health. I like watching movies, science videos and series. I'm also interested in debate, diplomacy and culture. I participated in ESC last year and it was a good chance to learn about important topics in medicine with young peers through keynotes lectures and hands-on workshops. I definitely recommend participating in the 28th ESC where you would get to meet enthusiastic medical students and young professionals to discuss health issues that are facing the world today and broaden your horizon. It also provides a platform to see and show your research work. It's a good opportunity to visit and enjoy the historic beauty of Berlin. Feel free to contact me via:

Zain Islam

Pakistan :

Hello friends and colleagues! This is Dr. Zain Islam and I did my graduation in medicine and completed training in my favorite specialty, cardiology, from Isra University Hospital, Hyderabad, Pakistan. During my free time I like to play chess, reading books, and traveling. Being an active participant in 27th ESC (2016) I have experienced an unbelievable scientific exposure not only in my field of interest but also in other fields which gained my attention by their interesting topics and findings. I would recommend young and enthusiastic researchers to attend worth visiting upcoming 28th ESC to know the specific thrills of joy and share ideas with international peers.


Karina Rejs

Poland :

My name is Karina Rejs and I am studying biomedical engineering at Technical University in Linz now. I come from Poland, where I have the same field of study. I am a member of two scientific projects concern bone cements and proteins. I like exploring and measuring the properties of new biomaterials. Exo prosthetics is also field of my biomedical interests. In spare time I just take my sleeping bag and hit the road ! I like social aspect of travelling- meeting new people, learning foreign cultures and tolerance. I love working in a team. I was media volunteer during NATO Summit 2016. Are you an young, ambitious and creative scientist ? Are you dreaming about an international career and exchange of knowledge? I highly recommend you to take part in 28th ESC, because it could be unforgettable occasion to enhance your scientific portfolio and meet people, who could be the source of unbelievable motivation!

Amine Serradj


Dear medical students & young doctors worldwide, my name is Amine Serradj and I'm the European Students’ Conference Ambassador in Algeria for the second time. I'm currently doing my second year PhD in cardiovascular surgery at medical university of Oran in Algeria. I have attending many international meetings & conferences but my last ESC was one of the best conferences that I have ever attended. It was a great opportunity for medical students & young doctors to show their research & scientific experiences. The ESC is really worth visiting due to its unique and interesting workshops. Students will also have the opportunity to meet new people and colleagues from all over the world, exchange experiences and opinions. They'll also meet famous professors from great universities of the world so that they enlight their minds with more useful knowledge and information, without forgetting the amazing social program. Thus, I would definitely recommend 28th European Students’ Conference as it's a unique experience for every student who wants to take a step forward to develop his knowledge and of course enjoy the beauty of one of the historic and oldest city in Europe Berlin. So you're more than welcome to join me in September .

Katarzyna Mycroft

Poland :

Hello! My name is Katarzyna Mycroft and I study Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw. I'm particularly interested in Intensive Care and Internal Medicine, especially Pulmonology. I enjoy reading books, spending time with my family and friends and visiting new places. I also play the piano and I'm a volunteer at the National Opera in Warsaw. I think that 28th ESC is worth visiting because it gives you the possibility to listen to the most amazing minds in science, discuss the most recent findings in medicine and of course, visit Berlin :-)

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