Founded by a Charité student in the course of the reunification of East and West Germany in 1989, the ESC was initiated as a conference between the two medical faculties of Berlin: the former eastern “Humboldt-Universtität” and the western “Freie Universität”. Later on, the aim of the European Students’ Conference was to foster a closer relationship between medical faculties in Europe and the rest of the world.

Our vision is to equip modern students with the best knowledge, skills, and values in order for them to take on health leadership roles both locally and globally

During the last 26 years, the ESC became one of the largest (bio)medical student conferences and nowadays attracts more than 450 young researchers every year. It is our mission to provide an interdisciplinary platform fostering research exchange between students, clinicians, and professors from different fields of studies and various cultures. We want to prepare our participants for a future in the field of research by providing the with the opportunity to present their work, learn from each other and take part in fascinating workshops and debates. Our comprehensive programme includes keynote lectures, diverse hands-on workshops, panel discussions, and a social programme to introduce you to the vibrant city of Berlin.


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